26 May 2017


FLYKIT is a mobile FPV control station. It is travel and user friendly.

The kit includes:

  • Control stick
  • Pedals
  • Thrust lever
  • Mounting frame

Distance between the stick and the pedals to be adjusted.  It can be pegged to the ground and it fits to most portable folding chairs as well as office or gaming chairs. The height of the stick is also adjustable.

The construction is made of aluminum, which ensures low weight and high rigidity at the same time. Long life of the mechanisms is guaranteed by the ball bearings used for all moving parts.

Precise control is ensured by non-contact Hall effect sensors. Unlike the potentiometers (most commonly used in classic RC transmitters or joysticks), the Hall sensors do not wear out and remain high precision all the time.

More info regarding features if FLYKIT can be found in section details