FLYKIT can be used in the following modes:

  • Without modification – You are using your own RC link.

You can connect it to the most of RC transmitters equipped with a trainer port. Your equipment will not require any changes and you can place the RC transmitter on a specially prepared rack.

  • Standalone transmitter

If you connect a RC transmitter module to FLYKIT, it can be used as a standalone transmitter. Proper operation requires a compatibility of the transmitter module and a receiver. FLYKIT is compatible with both JR/TURNIGY and FUTABA transmitter modules. If you want to put module on a mast or tracker you can use a cabel instead of a module mounting. On the back side of controller there is also DC socket and switch for changing the source of power.

If you have an appropriate cable you can also connect FLYKIT to your computer and improve your skills in virtual reality. The biggest pleasure is to use it with FPV goggles or VR goggles.

FLYKIT is equipped with buttons and switches that can be assigned to the various functions needed during the flight. Following buttons mounted in controller:

  • ID 0/1/2 3-pos toggle switch.
  • TRAINER dual-stable rocker switch.
  • THROTTLE 2-pos toggle switch.
  • GEAR 2-pos toggle switch.
  • 6-pos rotating switch.
  • RUDDER dual rate 2-pos toggle switch.
  • AILERON dual rate 2-pos toggle switch.
  • ELEVATOR dual rate 2-pos toggle switch.

Near the trim buttons there is a mini joystick – 2 axis with a push-button (e.g. for a gimbal control) and a sliding potentiometer 100mm long placed on the side of thrust lever enclosure (e.g. for airbrakes or flaps). Besides that, there are two push buttons on the thrust lever and one on the control stick.

The controller is compatible with latest OpenTx and Ersky9x firmware so it is easy to use for the beginner, feature-reach and powerful enough to satisfy advanced users. Thanks to USB input and SD card slot, user can easily upgrade controller software, and store configuration data.

Controller specification :

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor, 100 pin
  • 512kBytes Flash, 64kBytes SRAM
  • Software power off delay
  • 3W Audio Amplifier embedded, 2W 8 Ohm Speaker included
  • Micro SDCard slot
  • Micro USB input
  • Jack trainer port
  • Battery Reverse Protection
  • Operation Voltage from 7.6~14V
  • Low power consumption 80mA @ 12V

The FLYKIT`s frame can be easily fixed to the ground. The frame has universal mounting points for FPV chair.

We advise you to familiarize with the laws related to piloting of remote controlled models in your country. Every FLYKIT user uses it at his / her own risk.