Everything started with childhood dreams of flying … but unfortunately the piloting of aircrafts is not for everyone, due to many reasons, i.e. medical or financial. Piloting of a drone or RC airplane equipped with a video camera (FPV) can provide similar sensation, but the fingertip control does not in any way reflect what is Read more about Story[…]


FLYKIT can be used in the following modes: Without modification – You are using your own RC link. You can connect it to the most of RC transmitters equipped with a trainer port. Your equipment will not require any changes and you can place the RC transmitter on a specially prepared rack. Standalone transmitter If Read more about Flykit[…]


Engineering and avionics is our passion. Our team was created to combine the best in FPV flying and in piloting a real aircraft. With the experience related to aviation and FPV flying we have developed an innovative solution for steering of FPV platforms, the FLYKIT. In order for our product to be created and soon Read more about Nuavion[…]