Everything started with childhood dreams of flying …

but unfortunately the piloting of aircrafts is not for everyone, due to many reasons, i.e. medical or financial. Piloting of a drone or RC airplane equipped with a video camera (FPV) can provide similar sensation, but the fingertip control does not in any way reflect what is happening on an airplane or helicopter.

Thanks to the experience of aviation, we knew what would make it possible to move FPV flying to a higher level.

That is how it started.

Last year we created a fully working prototype, you can see it in the following videos:

Now, we have a new and more sophisticated project. We are performing tests and starting manufacturing of the first batch. The size of the batch and final price depend on your demands.

With the FLYKIT there will be no limitations. Everyone will be able to seat at the helm of a drone or RC airplane and have the exceptional experience, just like a real pilot.